Sanyie - Super Royal Jelly (380g)

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In a bee colony, queen and worker are female, queen is much bigger than worker bees, its weight is 3 times of the worker bees, worker bees only live a little bit more than a month, while the queen can live up to five or six years, worker cannot reproduce, and queen can produce 1500 to 2000 eggs a day, the daily egg production weight is 3.5 times its own weight. What made such a difference? It is the lifetime consumption of royal jelly of the queen bee. On the other hand, worker bees can only eat pollen and honey. Thus we can see the mysterious effect of royal jelly. According to scientists, one year of queen bee is equivalent to 20 years of human, and queen bee has a lifespan of about 120 human years.


Protect intestines and stomach, prolong live, protect liver, enhance brain function, improve hematopoietic function, nourish nerve, beautify and moisturize skin.

(Fresh Royal Jelly must be refrigerated) (Note: it is not suitable for pregnant women and infants under one year old.)