Sanyie - Herba Leonuri Honey 500g

As we know that woman’s beauty is directly affected by her Qi and blood, when blood flows smoothly, delicate facial skin appear to be smooth, shiny, elastic, flush and glowing. On the other hand, poor Qi and blood circulation, blood congest, skin shows dark and dull colour, dull spot appear and rough skin, overall feeling depress and result in negative effect on the beauty of a woman. Motherwort honey comes from the pollution-free Southwest plateau of China, is naturally produced by bees with the motherwort nectar, rich in nutrients, it regulates endocrine and gives you a great beauty effect at the same time. This product can remove blood clog and enhance new blood, suitable for women before and after giving birth, and it fully reflects the care for women. For men, motherwort honey is also an ideal health food. No need to refrigerate, just stores it at room temperature, dry and cool place. (It is edible even if it is solidified) It is suitable for weak people, especially for ladies, it has better effect serving with fresh Royal Jelly.

Help blood circulation, nourish and enhance beauty, regulate the discomfort of women, benefit postpartum recovery; Motherwort honey is suitable for women of all ages, it can also apply onto the skin daily, it can supply various nutrients that our skin needed, moisturize and soften our skin.