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Scenic Spots in the Kingdom of Bee ( Closed by 2017-07-15 )
故事問題區 5341 bee 故事歡樂天地 知識科技區 蜜蜂走廊 知識館
Unpopular knowledge of bee Story Q&A Story Hall Tools exhibition Story corner Knowledge and technology zone Bee corridor Knowledge hall
蜂皇列車 蜂農工具館 蜜蜂王國外景 城堡 5446 bee 5068 bee 5336 bee 5323 bee
Queen bee train Beekeeper’s tool hall Outlook of the kingdom of bee The gate flag Beehive Bee stage Beekeeper’s tool Tent house
5341 bee 城門入口 5463 bee 5415 bee 5427 bee 5087 bee 5447 bee 5433 bee
Beekeepers tableware Gate entrance Prince of bee Gift shop Guests viewing information Beehive and oil lamp Honeycomb Visitors asking questions
5463 bee 5421 bee 5462 bee 5117 bee 5113 bee 1003 bee 5087 bee 5422 bee
Kingdom’s Garden The core of honey extractor Tent bed Honey extractor cover Beekeeper hats Honeybee friends Beekeeper oil lamp Honey extractor

Come and see some questions about the kingdom of bee
1 Why bees don't fly hundreds of miles like other birds?
2 Why did scientists say that honeybee can fly three times around the earth in its lifetime?
3 why did scientists say that honeybee is the greatest architect in the world?
4 Why farmers all over the world welcome beekeepers bring over their bees to farm there?
5 What effect will bring to the fruit of the plant that has taken nectar by bee?
6 Why beekeepers move the bees when the flower begins to wither?
7 Besides large number of flowering area and sunny weather, why the temperature can’t be too high or too low when bees collect nectar?
8 Why a swarm of royal jelly, propolis, honey and pollen producing bees need at least 30-50 thousand bees in the swarm?
9 Why bees don't go out when it has typhoon or rain?
10 Can honey and all kinds of bee products harvest in any weather?
11 Can bees put on roadside or park produce bee product?
12 How beekeepers find area with large number of flowers for bees?
13 Bees suck nectar from flowers with their mouth and bring back to the hive for what purpose?
14 Every time bees go out will not come back empty-handed, do you know why?
15 Bees bring pollen back with their hind feet from the buds for what purpose?
16 Bees bring back propolis with their hind feet from some rare plant germ for what purpose?
17 Why bees won't mass produce royal jelly themselves?
18 For what time and reason will bees swarming?
19 Will Beekeepers know which beehive is going to swarming?
20 One beekeeper can breed 200 hives/boxes of bees, why don't they have more?
21 Can beekeepers put beehive in any place and have harvest?
22 Why no elderly, youth and children work as mobile beekeeper?
23 Beekeepers move around with flowering period, where they live and how they live?
24 Do beekeepers need tools, what are their tools?
25 Why do bees sting? Can bees survive after sting people?
26 Almost all the bees in beehive are "Girl nation", what can they do without male?
27 Bee has a very clear division of labour, there is no lazy bee except the drone, you know why?
28 There is only one queen "mother" in a swarm of bees, if mom died, can you change a queen bee in directly?
29 If the queen bee (queen) dies accidentally, what can we do with the swarm?
30 Queen bee only mates once in its entire life, where does she mate?
31 Will bees confess their home and fly to other beehive?
32 Where is drone come from? Who will drone mate with?
33 In general, the lifespan of worker bee is 2 months in summer and 6 months in winter, and the lifespan of the queen bee is 6 years (one year equal to 20 human years), why queen bee has a extremely long lifespan?

Bees Kingdom roadmap ( Closed by 2017-07-15 )

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